A world-first green hydrogen gas network in the heart of Fife

H100 Fife is a first-of-a-kind demonstration project that’s leading the way in decarbonising home heating.

Imagine we were able to cut out more than a third of greenhouse emissions – just by using a greener gas to heat our homes.

Our world-first demonstration will bring 100% green hydrogen gas to customers for the first time, providing evidence for future low-carbon policy decisions and a clear path towards net zero heating for Scotland and the UK.

Greener gas for a net zero future

Clean offshore wind power. A dedicated green hydrogen production facility. A new gas network delivering clean heat to around 300 households. We’re bringing forward the future of heat to show the world that keeping our customers safe and warm shouldn’t cost the earth.

Get involved

Buckhaven and Denbeath will be home to the world’s first 100% green hydrogen gas network. If you live there, you can opt in for a free, new hydrogen boiler and appliances, and receive £1000 for taking part while playing an important part in the fight against climate change.

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It’s all in the numbers



Heating accounts for about 37% of all UK carbon emissions.

That’s a huge challenge as we aim for net zero. Investing in a practical, scalable zero-carbon heating solution, like hydrogen, can help cut UK emissions by over a third.



This £32m project is investing in Fife’s green energy industry.

We’ve chosen Energy Park Fife as our hydrogen hub for H100 Fife. The project is investing £32m over its lifetime, bringing jobs and opportunities to residents and local businesses.



The project will save over 2,650 tonnes of CO2.

Decarbonising heat for 300 homes saves the equivalent of 2,208kg of CO2 per household each year. Over the project’s lifetime, that’s almost 3000 tonnes – equivalent to half the participating homes taking a car off the road.

Our hydrogen future

Hydrogen has a critical role to play in our net zero future.

It’s just one of the emerging technologies that can help the UK move away from fossil fuels to a greener economy. But hydrogen stands apart, unique in its versatility and scalability.

It will make the most of our existing natural gas infrastructure, making the transition to net zero faster and more affordable than other low-carbon solutions. It has the potential to provide green energy to millions of homes and businesses, power our heavy industry and transport sectors, and create up to 100,000 skilled jobs. 

All of the UK’s gas networks are working hard to transition the gas in our pipes from carbon-emitting natural gas to hydrogen gas. We believe it’s the lowest-cost, least disruptive way to heat the 83% of homes in Britain that currently use natural gas appliances. 

So, by helping the transition to a hydrogen economy, we’re helping build a greener, more prosperous future for generations to come.


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