About H100 Fife

A range of green technologies will go into H100 Fife’s end-to-end green hydrogen network. Here’s how the project will use tried-and-tested tech to show the world it’s possible to turn wind into safe, warm homes.



300 of our customers in Fife will make history in this world-first project.

Customers living in the Denbeath or Buckaven areas in Levenmouth who use gas and live in terraced, semi-detached, detached houses and ground or first floor flats can take part.



We’ll connect participating homes to our 100% green hydrogen gas produced from renewable energy.

Hydrogen gas releases only clean, water vapour – so no more poisonous carbon monoxide! Plus it will have the same odour as natural gas to make sure it smells familiar and is easily detected.



We’re offering £1000 to participants as a thank you for being part of our project.

Participants won't pay any more for their hydrogen gas supply than they would with natural gas and will benefit from new free hydrogen gas appliances, with free servicing and maintenance throughout the project.

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