H100 Fife is the beginning of a historic change, and it all starts here, in Levenmouth.

We’re working closely with local stakeholders and organisations in Levenmouth, to ensure there is a community voice at the centre of our project.

We’ve formed a H100 Fife Community Liaison Group to help shape and deliver stakeholder engagement and communications. The group’s members are from key local organisations and provide valuable expertise on the area and the community.

We’re also committed to providing training and skills development throughout the project. Educating about hydrogen in primary schools and working with training providers to bring opportunities for young people and the existing building and utility workforce in the area.

We’ve enjoyed supporting and taking part in local events and look forward to continuing our involvement with community projects and charities.

Community support for H100 Fife

John Mills, Head of Housing Services, Fife Council

“Fife Council is delighted to support and promote the H100 Fife project. The potential of using hydrogen as a 100% renewable, green energy source offers solutions for many issues. Climate change, energy security and tackling fuel poverty can all be assisted using hydrogen as a fuel source for domestic, commercial and industrial needs.”

Bruce McCall, Greener Kirkcaldy

“The residents of Buckhaven and Methil have a great opportunity to take part in a world-first project, bringing renewable hydrogen into their home, introducing zero carbon for their cooking and heating. It will be great to see local people leading the way in the blueprint to reduce carbon emissions.”

Karen Ritchie, Bright Green Hydrogen

“Hydrogen energy can heat homes and cook food in the same way as we do now with natural gas. The big difference is it doesn’t produce any carbon when it burns. This is a great opportunity for Buckhaven and Methil residents to change over to clean energy early with SGN’s support.”

Why Levenmouth?

A map showing the communities of Buckhaven and Methil. An area of Buckhaven is green to indicate the project coverage area. An adjacent site is in blue to indicate the location of the green hydrogen facility. The project's offshore wind turbine is indicated with an orange circle.

To find the best place for a world-first green energy project, we looked at options across the UK and chose Levenmouth.

Levenmouth is a community with an existing natural gas network and customers already using gas to heat their homes. Nearby is ORE Catapult’s offshore wind turbine, giving the project a direct source of clean energy and Energy Park Fife, which gives us access to the set-up, people and skills to make the project a success.

The town has a rich history in energy, once the home to one of Scotland’s largest collieries and a major player in coal export. Decades later, we’re retaining the energy heritage of this area, and developing the site for our H100 Fife project.

And with schools and a college in the community, there’s lots of opportunity to help young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in the future.

The project aims to develop the area into an energy hub for years to come, ensuring Levenmouth plays a major role in fighting climate change.