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Imagine we were able to cut out more than a third of greenhouse emissions – just by using a greener gas to heat our homes.

Over 80% of homes in Scotland use natural gas for heating. By switching natural gas for hydrogen, which doesn’t produce carbon when it burns, we can help stop climate change from getting worse.

It’s a historic change that will make Scotland and the UK a better, greener place to live for future generations – and it all starts here, in Levenmouth.


Opportunities for residents

Buckhaven and Denbeath will be the heart of our project and home to the world’s first 100% green hydrogen gas network. If you live there, you could continue to enjoy the instant warmth and availability of your gas heating supply, while helping in our mission to protect future generations from the damage of climate change. Read on to find out more.

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Get free new gas appliances

Your home could be one of the first in the world to use 100% clean green hydrogen for heating and cooking – and you won’t notice the difference in your kitchen, living room or pocket. We’ll replace your gas boiler, gas meter and any gas appliances with brand new hydrogen alternatives. And of course, we’ll fit them, maintain them, and do all the hard work for as long as you’re part of the project.

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We’ll do the hard bit

As well as receiving brand-new free hydrogen appliances to replace your natural gas appliances, we’ll ensure you don’t pay a penny extra for your energy as part of the project. We’ll do the hard bit with your energy supplier and match the cost of hydrogen to the natural gas cost. You’ll pay the same standing charge and price per unit, and you’ll be able to change gas supplier at any time during the project.

Be a low carbon leader

Fighting climate change is a global issue. And if you live in the community near our H100 Fife project, you could become a low-carbon leader. Being part of the project will cut your carbon footprint while helping us shape the future of energy in the UK.

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A lasting legacy

We’re working hard to make sure everyone in the communities that make up Levenmouth feels the benefit of H100 Fife – not just those involved in the project. We’ll be helping local community projects and charities, and hosting local events during the project to capture your feedback and raise awareness of the progress we’re making. We’re committed to providing training and skills for local residents, working with local schools and colleges to create opportunities for young people, and using local contractors and service providers where we can.

Get involved

You can opt in for a free, brand new gas boiler and appliances while playing an important part in the fight against climate change.

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Why Levenmouth?

A map showing the communities of Buckhaven and Methil. An area of Buckhaven is green to indicate the project coverage area. An adjacent site is in blue to indicate the location of the green hydrogen facility. The project's offshore wind turbine is indicated with an orange circle.

To find the best place for a world-first green energy project, we looked at options across the UK and chose Levenmouth.

Levenmouth is a community with an existing natural gas network and customers already using gas to heat their homes. Nearby is ORE Catapult’s offshore wind turbine, giving the project a direct source of clean energy and Energy Park Fife, which gives us access to the set-up, people and skills to make the project a success.

The town has a rich history in energy, once the home to one of Scotland’s largest collieries and a major player in coal export. Decades later, we’re retaining the energy heritage of this area, and developing the site for our H100 Fife project.

And with schools and a college in the community, there’s lots of opportunity to help young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in the future.

The project aims to develop the area into an energy hub for years to come, ensuring Levenmouth plays a major role in fighting climate change.


Find answers to your most common questions here.

  • It’s important in the fight against climate change. Central heating is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which can cause global warming. The governments in Scotland and the UK have promised to reduce emissions to net zero by 2045 and 2050, so H100 Fife aims to prove that we can use hydrogen to make heating greener.

  • The project will build a new hydrogen production facility and install a new gas network in Levenmouth. The main construction works will start in 2022.

    If you’re eligible to become part of the project, you will be able book an appointment to visit our hydrogen showhome. Here, you can experience hydrogen heating and cooking in action.

    Starting in 2023, we’ll begin to switch the natural gas supply in up to 300 local homes to hydrogen. We’ll only switch homes that opt-in and agree to this, the choice is yours. These homes will be the first in the world to use 100% zero-carbon hydrogen to heat their homes and cook their food.

    We’ll be collecting important data about hydrogen and the experience of the project participants until 2027.

  • Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Your safety, and the safety of our employees, is our number one priority as we keep gas flowing to homes and businesses.

    Lots of work has been conducted by the gas networks, the gas industry and experts in the UK and around the world to show that hydrogen gas is a suitable replacement for natural gas. This includes research and testing to understand how hydrogen gas behaves and how it can be used safely. We’re working to ensure hydrogen is delivered and can be used at least as safely as natural gas and are liaising with the Health and Safety Executive. In fact, hydrogen gas has safety benefits over natural gas because there are no carbon monoxide emissions associated with green hydrogen.

    The H100 Fife site has been designed to make sure that the hydrogen gas production and storage facility is located at a safe distance from neighbouring properties.

    Hydrogen in the gas networks is not new. Before the discovery of North Sea gas in the 1960s and the conversion to natural gas in the 70s, UK households were supplied with town gas. Hydrogen was the main component of town gas along with carbon monoxide and methane.

    It’s important to remember that many substances that we use in our daily lives can become unsafe if not handled or used correctly, including the natural gas we currently use to heat our homes. The gas networks are made safe by design and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our teams are working behind the scenes and out on the streets to keep you safe and the gas flowing. The same safety principles and priorities will be applied to hydrogen gas, with all appropriate risk assessments and safety measures being implemented to ensure a safe network.

  • Customers who become part of the project will be the first households in the world to have their natural gas boilers and appliances replaced with brand new hydrogen alternatives free of charge. The installation and maintenance of these appliances is covered by the project at no cost to participants.

  • There are no charges to become part of the project. Your energy will cost the same per unit as the equivalent natural gas rate.

  • If you live in the local area and you’d like to make history by being part of the project, the first step is to register your interest in participating. We’ll keep your details on file and be in touch soon.

    Stay connected by checking this website regularly and following us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.  We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses.

  • Yes! We’re going to partner with local schools, colleges, education centres and training providers to bring opportunities for young people and the existing workforce. Where possible, we’ll use local contractors and service providers.

    The project’s hydrogen demonstration facility will be used for events, education and training. We can also expect positive economic benefits for local businesses, with a wide range of delegates from UK and international organisations visiting the project.

    Will the project cause roadworks, disruption, noise or pollution?

    If you become part of the project, any disruption will be minimal. The changeover from natural gas to hydrogen gas should take less than 24 hours and, apart from having new appliances, you won’t notice the difference.

    We will work with Fife Council to ensure that all of the noise, road traffic and system noise assessments for our site operations is acceptable to the local community.

    There will be roadworks – but we’ll do our best to plan our work to minimise its impact on local residents and motorists. Remember, we’ll always provide advance notification if we need to restrict parking, use temporary traffic lights or close a road. We’ll also restore any areas we’ve disturbed as quickly as possible making good all road surfaces, pavements, and driveways.

    Reducing the disruption caused by our work is really important to us. We’ve already carried out noise and traffic assessments to ensure minimal impact and we’ll continue to assess our impact as our work progresses.

Get involved

You can opt in for a free, brand new gas boiler and appliances while playing an important part in the fight against climate change.

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