News • 6 September 2021

Climate change pioneer touches down

Sacha Dench, The Human Swan, flies in to Levenmouth on her way to COP26.

Today, as part of a world record breaking journey to raise awareness about climate change, Sacha Dench stopped by on her electric paramotor to talk to local climate change heroes, including our brilliant H100 Fife team.

Sacha has been flying an electric paramotor – a bit like an electric fan with a large sheet above her – all the way around Britain as part of the Round Britain Climate Challenge and an attempt at a Guinness World Record.

We were thrilled when she visited Levenmouth during her trip to raise awareness of how the community is tackling the climate crisis, including our very own H100 Fife project.

School pupils standing in playing field with Sasha Dench
Sacha is greeted by a Levenmouth Academy pupil when she lands

Sacha said: “I am delighted to be meeting people in Levenmouth who are truly focused on answers to the climate crisis – not problems – and as such are inspirations to all.

“We’re trying to answer the question ‘We drove the Industrial Revolution; can we drive the Green Revolution too?’. As part of this expedition, we have been investigating how climate change is affecting different regions of the country and showing – in a visually stunning and exciting way – what is happing to help cut carbon and preserve and restore our environment.”

Angus McIntosh (SGN), Sacha Dench, Lorna Archer (SGN) and Pauline Silverman (SEPA)
Angus McIntosh (SGN), Sacha Dench, Lorna Archer (SGN) and Pauline Silverman (SEPA)

Duncan Zuill, Religious and Moral Education teacher and EIS Representative at Levenmouth Academy said: “I’m always looking at ways of making the school more sustainable. H100 Fife is a really exciting sustainability project that’s really captured the imagination of students and teachers alike and I’m really looking forward to it kicking off.”

At the end of the pitstop, Sacha interviewed our Director of Energy Futures Angus McIntosh. You can watch the interview on YouTube.