News • 2 May 2024

Gas engineers build eco-toilets for Fife children’s initiative

Colleagues from our H100 Fife project team helped out Methilhill Community Children's Initiative by building an eco-toilet in the charity’s learning garden.

Group of people standing on a ramp beside a wooden shed

Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative (MCCI) provides a safe and engaging space for local children to participate in various outdoor activities, including gardening, composting and nature exploration. Its base is in the Methilhill Community Learning Garden, where it’s been using chemical toilets when nature calls.

Last month, five employees from our H100 Fife project team learned that MCCI had purchased eco-toilets but were struggling to get the funds to build them. The team works on the company’s world-first green hydrogen heating project, H100 Fife, which is taking place in the area. They are given one day every year to help out a local cause of their choice on company time and decided to use it to build one of the new eco-toilets, putting their DIY skills to the ultimate test.

Three men standing together looking at instructions

SGN Project Manager Max Biret (pictured above, far right) said: “MCCI offers invaluable experiences for local children and families. When we learned about their need for improved facilities, we knew we had to lend a hand and were excited about giving back to this community that’s welcomed us with open arms.”

The new toilet is permanent and comes equipped with a composting system that uses toilet waste, aligning with the charity’s environmental ethos. To make the toilet accessible for wheelchair users, the team also built an accessible ramp.

Nichola Alexander, Project Manager at Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative, said: “We were delighted when SGN offered to help us build our new eco-toilets. Although our staff have a variety of skills, plumbing and joinery are not our strong points!

“The instructions stated these were easy to build and it was a two-man job. We quickly learned this was not the case and welcomed the help of a full team from SGN. The weather was awful on the day they arrived but that didn’t stop them getting the all-access toilets built for us.

“We cannot thank the team enough for giving up their time to help us. These toilets will not only be used by the children who attend our groups but also by visitors to our open days and events.”