H100 Fife: Construction update

With our world-first H100 Fife project well into its construction phase we wanted to share our latest updates on our progress.

A construction site with turbine and oil rigs being dismantled in the background.

So far, we’ve installed over 65% of the new 8.2km hydrogen network. Our network construction team is currently carrying out its fourth phase of work, for which you can find the latest information here.

We’re making good progress with the construction of our production and storage facility in Fife Energy Park. The foundations of our site are now complete and work to install our electrolyser has begun. The construction of our hydrogen demonstration homes (pictured below) is also complete and they are now being fitted with appliances in preparation for opening up to participants.

Four out of six storage vessels, which will store the hydrogen for the trial, are now in place in the energy park, representing a major milestone for H100 Fife. Each vessel is about the size of a single-decker bus and weighs an impressive 73 tons.

The vessels will ensure the trial can provide a constant source of hydrogen for even the harshest of winters. It took two days to transport them under police escort from 310 miles away in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. We’re expecting the final two vessels to arrive in the coming months. Find out more about the vessels here.

A row or terrace homes

We’re aiming for H100 Fife to go live in summer 2025. It’s taking longer than we planned to deliver this world-first project which has faced supply chain and procurement challenges. We continue to have great support from the community in Buckhaven and Denbeath and are committed to ensuring that residents taking part in H100 Fife receive a first-class customer experience as they lead the world in this ground-breaking green project.

H100 Fife will be providing critical evidence for the UK Government which could shape the way we heat our homes in the future.