News • 26 January 2023

Levenmouth pupils enjoy hydrogen workshop

Pupils from Levenmouth Academy visit our demo kitchen and take part in a hydrogen workshop.

Pupils from Levenmouth Academy visited us for a hydrogen workshop last week.

Seven pupils from Levenmouth Academy came along to meet us at our new base in Fife Renewable Innovation Centre (FRIC) last week. Their school is local to where our H100 Fife network is being built and they’ve been supporting us throughout the project. H100 Fife will be the first 100% green hydrogen-to-homes zero carbon network anywhere in the world.

Karen Ritchie (far left) gives the pupils a hydrogen demonstration

Accompanied by Outdoor Learning Teacher Duncan Ziull and Headteacher Ruth MacFarlane, the pupils got to grips with hydrogen with Karen Ritchie. Karen works with our local partner Bright Green Hydrogen, which educates people about renewable technology.

The class got a live hydrogen demonstration. They used a small-scale model to create renewable hydrogen for themselves. Solar panels generated green electricity which electrolysed water and stored hydrogen in small tanks. This hydrogen then powered a motor using a fuel cell, so the pupils could see the entire process from end-to-end. They also got the chance to have some fun racing hydrogen cars.

FRIC is also the home of our hydrogen demo kitchen. We’ve got hydrogen gas boilers, meters and appliances on display which the pupils got to check out. Rhiannon (S5) said: “It’s so great to see something happening like what they were talking about in COP26, rather than just talking about plans for the future. SGN is really doing something.”

The pupils get certificates for all the support they’ve given to us. Far left is Outdoor Learning Teacher Duncan Ziull. Far right is Headteacher Ruth MacFarlane

“It’s really important to be able to share the pioneering work we’re doing with young people in the local community. Since the beginning of the project, the Levenmouth Academy students have been absolutely brilliant with helping us out with events. We can’t thank them enough and are delighted they’re so engaged with H100 Fife and the important role of their town in our journey to net zero.”

Eilidh Graham, H100 Fife Marketing Manager

The demonstration kitchen is now available for anyone to visit and is a great opportunity to see what new hydrogen appliances – including a hydrogen gas boiler, meter, oven and hob – look like once fitted.

If you’d like to visit the demonstration kitchen, please email us at and one of our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.