Visiting a hydrogen home in the Netherlands

A team of SGN delegates, including our CEO Mark Wild and Future of Gas Director Tony Green, visited the Netherlands last week to find out more about a hydrogen for heating trial involving ten homes.

A group of 12 people standing on the pavement outside a home.
SGN delegates stand with Mr. Kruijff (fifth from left) outside his home in Lochem

In the eastern Dutch city of Lochem, energy company Alliander and global engineering and testing firm Kiwa are running a first ever hydrogen heating trial. Hydrogen from a nearby storage facility is supplying ten homes in the city through the existing gas network.

Our team visited Lochem resident Mr. Kruiff, who has been living with hydrogen heating since November 2022. You can see our team pictured above with Mr Kruijff who is fifth from left.

Watch the video to see the highlights from our trip, thoughts from Mark and Tony and an interview with Mr Kruijff.

As part of their trip, our delegates visited the tube trailer site which stores the hydrogen for the trial and Kiwa’s hydrogen demonstration home (both pictured below).

The visit will help us collaborate and share learning which is critical to our work to decarbonise gas in the UK. It will also help the team delivering our world-first green hydrogen gas network in Levenmouth – H100 Fife.

13 people standing in an industrial site with tanks and a trailer in the background
The delegates visit the site that stores the hydrogen for the trial
A grey detached home in the Netherlands
Kiwa's hydrogen demonstration home which is fitted with hydrogen appliances and boilers